Back in November, Apple banned the official Tumblr app from the App Store over child pornography issues, and today — following an announcement from Tumblr two weeks ago that it would be banning all adult content from the website — the app has been restored and is once again available to download, via TechCrunch.

Tumblr has been trending toward more aggressive content moderation over the months that it’s been under the stewardship of Verizon’s Oath, adding things like soon to be obsolete safe mode that automatically filtered mature content (which was set as the default option for users in February).

And while Tumblr hasn’t openly admitted that the Apple ban was the inciting incident for announcing the ban on NSFW content, the timing of the events would seem to imply that either Tumblr itself or its corporate owners were at least somewhat concerned about the loss of those millions of iOS users.

That said, Tumblr’s ban won’t be enacted until December 17th, meaning that there will be a few more days where the app will be available with adult content before the pending content purge occurs.

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