Learn how to use a multimeter so you can start diagnosing some of those electrical system gremlins yourself!

In this quick multimeter tutorial I take you through all the functions you’d use for DC circuits using simple examples you can try yourself.

I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with my electronic toys as a child and found the instructions that come with these units rather …lacking …so it was a process of trial and error to understand how to set up a multimeter correctly but in the end the effort was well worth as I jumped to bigger and bigger projects!

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Multimeter: https://bit.ly/2S5gxWz
Replacement Multimeter Leads: https://bit.ly/2S3aBgB

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  1. Wow that was good was it a gas meter, I could not concentrate, your fantastic face, body, accent and just you. I wonder if you could come around and have a look at my car, it is a Ferraie dino (bugger spell checker)
    and then we could go out to dinner or something.

  2. Diva, thanks for the video. My car battery was over 5 years old, and getting ready to go to work, and the car didn't start. I was able to find the problem, charge the battery, and get to store. You are very good at teaching so it is understandable. I also want to say, it is a terrible thing that in todays society a beautiful woman is still looked at as a thing to DO, rather than an intelligent person. Some of the comments, show how threatened and childish some pigs can be. Keep up the good work.

  3. Have a 7 function CE digital multimeter from Harbor Freight. My microwave is tripping breaker. Breaker good and fuse good. Is there some items I can check with multimeter to see what item may be bad? New to testing with multimeter. Do you have a video to help me?

  4. Great Video. I have a newer same meter as yours. 61593 . I too work on my own cars. Just puzzled with why my air compressor for suspension won't turn on and I just installed all new air shocks. If you see this hit me up. I have a 06 Lincoln Navigator, also go by Wrenchlady Thanks

  5. Great video! It helped me a lot, you're very knowledgeable and communicate well. I've seen other channels with chicks that are kind of hot with their tits sticking out giving tutorials over things they appear to know very little about. Which is fine I guess I just don't like when people use their looks to get by

  6. Excellent video. I have never used a meter before. Her multi tester seems to be just a bit easier to use but non the less this is the first time I have used this equipment and everything she has taught is simple and understandable. By the way is she from the East Coast maybe New Jersey or New York. Just curious.

  7. amazing video of how to use a multimeter.
    i actually have the same multimeter and wasn't sure 100% how to use it. i bought it to work in my car and this video helps me a lot how to use it now.
    thanks for the information👍✌


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