How to Tie a Large Monkey’s Fist with DIY Jig (1.5″, 7 Passes) Tutorial
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Hey Weavers! Got another Monkey’s Fist tutorial for you and this time we’re doing a larger 1.5″ Monkey’s fist that involves 7 passes. Also, we’ll be using a DIY jig to make this Monkey’s Fist. You don’t have to use the jig, but it does make it a little easier.

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  1. your use of the word "ghetto" instead of saying something like "make shift" or "home made" should really have you thinking about what you're implying! by calling something that is "cheap" or "raggedy" ghetto you're basically calling the lower class exactly that! now i dont know you personally but i can only assume youre not a bad person and not racist at all, but you are in fact a little ignorant with your choice of wording in this video. so i just wanted to say maybe think about that and keep up the great work. love your channel and all your tutorials. built my first Monkey Fist watching you and i really liked how easy you made it. thanks and have a good one!

  2. We used these to throw lines to the pier from aboard ship….always wanted to learn how to make one. I need to make one to throw a line over a high tree limb and pull up a temporary Ham Radio wire antenna. Thanks for the tutorial.


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