Brodie Smith shows the fundamentals on how to throw a forehand.
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  1. Next year I might play ultimate so im learning ahead of time my big brother plays highschool ultimate this is his last year and hes gonna take me to some of his practices with the other highschoolers so imma practice a lot to impress the coach. Ps is spelling is of my keyboard isnt working properly

  2. I've always thought of Frisbee as a fun park activity. It wasn't until someone showed me their skills and got me to look into Ultimate Frisbee did I realize that, like practically everything that exists, it's a full-on sport.

  3. 😛 never tought i have this in my sportslessons 2012 on a german school but i had thanks to this video i got 15 points since i was fat back then it was realy hard work to get thosePoints but 😛 i was one of the best in frisbee althou with my 17second 100m sprint i was kinda Slow


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