On any given day we’re lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and “hotspots” used by those trained to recognize deception — and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving.

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  1. Women are natural born liars. its not really their fault they have been programed by SATAN to destroy society.. But then if a dog has rabies its better to shoot it rather than to make it your best friend..

  2. no information on left right hemisphere what so ever which actually holds the key to weather you r being lied to or not but that's only when your talking to someone directly in front of you

  3. no information on left right hemisphere what so ever which actually holds the key to weather you r being lied to or not but that's only when your talking to someone directly in front of you

  4. I doubt the generalized numbers here concerning lying statistics in stranger and familial relationships, and also the reasons for lying. And I doubt the overall generalization of symptomatic lying.
    Plus there are liars who do it purely for the game and for control rubberband.
    And the vocal tone is over generalized too: Orientals have known for thousands of years inculture, that vocal tone pitches higher with a liar.
    This is runaway government spy team crap agenda.

  5. The thing about lyeing im noticing about myself is that everytime i tell a person im going to get to it or do something im so busy at times with all the things im trying to do for me and my people around me i dont always get to them or what i agreed or said i would do and its making me look like a liar its not that im trying to its just sometime im running late or i have to do the thing or things i said i were going to do in daya to come so i need to work on that and just do it when i can and stop telling fokes im going to do it in Jesus name Amen

  6. She's entertaining but her science isn't supported by reality. Agreed, John Edwards shakes his head "no" while saying "yes," and he's a liar. What a poor example for her to present. Of course, he's lying, he's a politician, and he's being interrogated about his salacious wrongdoing. But lots of sincere honest sentences are spoken saying "yes" while the head is nodding sideways. This is more a function of the human speech pattern and unfortunately, only the liars are associated with nodding no while lying "yes." We all do it without lying. Others nod no while saying yes and the honest answer is yes. For this reason, the is speaker's entire presentation of tips to spot liars is questionable. Presenting her topic with an authoritarian composure doesn't guarantee reliable knowledge. We shake our heads "no" in disbelief while saying yes. Her claims make it hard on all of us to interact knowing, or suspecting our mannerisms are constantly monitored as though the listener can now detect our lies. They cannot. This country is full of pathological liars and even greater numbers of sociopaths, very skilled at feigning sincerity. They even fool lie detection machines. Imagine a flood or fire. The speaker says, " It's the greatest tragedy of my life (she truly believes that.) But she's shaking her head sideways in disbelief that it happened. That's not a contradicting tell-tale sign of lying, it's emotional trauma. And showing a mentally-ill murderer of her own children as an example of how to spot a lier is pathetic. Likewise, showing a crying woman to represent a grieving mother is equally naive. We've all seen sniveling women begging into the TV camera, "Please bring my baby home." Later she's prosecuted for killing her own children! Mentally-ill and psychopathic liars often cry to garner emotional support. Even a Supreme Court nominee can be prosecuted and convicted by the public with just the unsubstantiated claims from a crying woman. That's the honest truth.

  7. even when we lie we tell the truth! belief in your own lies, thats just crazy ! organize your crap. keep a diary as to not contradict yourself . your gonna be fine. "be-LIE-ve" me! can you see the fake smile

  8. I am disgusted by this so called specialist’s use of Amanda Knox life’s story….implying that she is a murderer.

    Let’s step out of ourselves for a minute and reflect on how easy it is to turn a borderline sociopathic persona into a full blown freak show.
    Scape Goating is the way. And Amanda guilty or not , was made to be one.
    Imagine yourself, years in jail, convicted of a bloody crime you never perpetrated.
    What kind of version of yourself would you come out as?

    Obviously, a deeply troubled one …..guilty or not.

  9. My experience is Women lie to destroy other people not to protect other people. All people might lie if it's to protect loved ones. Don't think for a second that it's only women because it's not. Women are the only people I have known that lie out of jealousy even if the lies involve hurting loved ones.

  10. thumbs down for calling babies liars. crying is their only means of communication and if they don't get attention they die. sometimes their need for attention is more dire than others, true, but to say there's some rigid line between genuine and fake is ridiculous. i found this talk cynical and self-serving.

  11. To sell a lie there has to be some truth in it. Something the other person knows and can verify is the truth. Most people that get caught lying are caught because they tell stupid lies ones that are easily provable to be a lie. There has to be enough truth included to sell it as the truth.

  12. Regarding the two mothers, it's clear the first one was lying and the second one very sorrowful. However there are adept liars who can fake emotion and you believe them! There are also those deceivers who express utter indignation at being accused or not believed! What do you do in those situations?

  13. I’m concerned with some jerk in a position of authority over me who read one book on how to spot a liar and now thinks they’re an expert. Morons are as dangerous as liars.


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