This tutorial shows you how to set your domain up with Google Apps. Google Apps gives you the ability to create emails with your domain name, for example, while also giving you many of the tools that a regular GMail account gives you, such as Google Docs or Google Chat.

You will be updating your site’s MX Records, as well as uploading a file to your site during this tutorial.

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  1. great tutorial – but I have a client who used an alias on my domain to set up their hosting account and with google apps I no longer have access to that email address AND the person who set it up is no longer with the organization. The bill for the hosting account went to the address on file, which did not exist, and now the client can't verify ownership of the account to pay their bill and get their site back online. I own the root domain so theoretically can set up the email address, but don't know how to do it in google apps. If I try to add an email address to I get a process that has to send an email verification to the non-existent address. Any ideas?

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  3. Hil thanks for you tutorial it look like it work. The problem is now that I change the Mx records I can t log into my website anymore, can t access cpanel or ftp either. I did the change about 5 hours ago…Should do some manual changes or it will be back online by itself ? and How long will it take? Thanks of your tutorial tho. helped a lot.

  4. hello,
    Your tutorial was really good! thank you. I have a question. I created an Google Apps account with my name then my domain after But I noticed you created one with "contact" Should I have used this or something else like "admin" or can I add different email addresses later ? I wasn't sure if I have limited the way I administrator things down the track?

  5. hi , dear i watched ur video and it was really helpful , but i have a problem , i have the same cpanel for my website as u , i tried to do the MX records like u said and it worked , but isnt working, when i sign in to the my google apps it says my MX records is incorrect please try again , i know i have to wait for the MX records least 48 hours to activated
    but i was waiting for a month now and i change it more than one time , but still not working , if u can help me i will be really grateful

  6. I'm sorry I'm responding after the 48 hours – it means that the most time it should take for your records to change over is 48 hours, however it usually only takes a couple of hours. Once it's changed, you should be able to log into your email, and from there you can then send and receive emails.

  7. hey its great helpful to shift chargeable domain hosting to free hosting for small business . I would request you to please guide me about CA Entry records and please let me know to how can i change my register and technical person as i want to replace him .


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