When you visit London you’ll almost certainly use the London Underground also known as the Tube. So in this English lesson I show you how to say 20 of the most popular stations like a local.

Please remember I’ve got a London accent and there are other ways to pronounce these words.

1. Leicester Square
2. Tottenham Court Road
3. Piccadilly Circus
4. Oxford Circus
5. Heathrow
6. Euston
7. Marylebone
8. Paddington
9. Holborn
10. Covent Garden
11. Greenwich
12. South Kensington
13. Vauxhall
14. Knightsbridge
15. Borough
16. Embankment
17. Southwark
18. Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush
19. Waterloo
20. Kings Cross St Pancras

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  1. King's Cross wasn't "made famous" by Harry Potter. Seriously dude. You might have said "many people may have become familiar with King's Cross through the Harry Potter franchise". I think if you want to refer to something that many people have associated King's Cross with for decades before Harry Potter, then it was perhaps the 1987 fire. The Pet Shop Boys wrote a song that year in which the lyrics make a reference to the horror which unfolded there with lines like "you leave home, and you don't go back", "Only last night I found myself lost, By the station called King's Cross , Dead and wounded on either side", or "Ending up in King's Cross – Good luck, bad luck waiting in a line". The latter probably referring to the people in the Ticket Hall of the station who either perished or were wounded.

  2. This video is very helpful for non-native speakers who otherwise might have a good command of English. In everyday life it’s sometimes more important to know the correct pronunciation of a Tube station than the trickiest grammar rule. Excellent video. And I like your personality

  3. Interesting, afer living in London for decades and then leaving London, the other day I went to Theydon Bois for the first time to park my car and take the tube and no, I did not know how to pronounce it correctly. I wonder if Bois is related to the nearby station Epping FOREST by name. Could it be the original Norman name?

  4. I'm a Londoner born in the late 1950s so my pronunciation is a bit different for a few of these. Grinnidge not Grennitch is the main one. A few very elderly people probably still say Cuvvent Garden. And I learned to say Marryleb'n when I worked there. Theydon Bois is a gorgeous place with a really excellent bakery that sells traditional London Cheesecakes (topped with strips of coconut).

  5. I have been at every station!! That was such a great feeling hearing all of this stationsnames again. Thank you thank you thank you.
    I miss it so much not to be in London. 😢


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