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No doubt about it in basic training you’re gonna gave to do a lot of push ups so you’re gonna want to get your push up count as high as possible before you ever meet your drill sergeants. Let me show you the way to do that. You can increase your push up count considerably with this quick and easy routine. First thing you want to do is you want to do some jumping jacks to warm up your body, ok. Just a few. If you can do 25, 30 great. Jumping jacks are simple just like this, ok. Now once your body is warmed up this is the routine you’ll really have to do to increase your push up count. The first thing you’re gonna wanna do is do diamond push ups to exhaustion and when I mean to exhaustion I mean till you literally cannot push yourself off anymore, ok. And a diamond push up is when your hands are on the ground and it looks like this it’s making a diamond. Alright, starting position your arm is straight gonna come down as far as possible gonna push yourself back up. Now again work to exhaustion. Then I want you to wait 30 seconds. Do a normal push up where your hands are normal length. Shoulder width apart, ok. Again you’re going to exhaustion. And I’m gonna tell you the reason you’re gonna go in this order in just a few minutes. Now we’re gonna do wide grip push ups. So your hands are gonna be even farther apart then the normal grip of course. Nice and wide. So in between each of the diamond, the normal and the wide grip you’re gonna be taking a 30 second break, gonna be working each to exhaustion. All of those three exercises is one set. You’re gonna wanna do three of those every other day and if you’re used to where you can do those three exercises without any problems do four sets then five sets then six sets however long you have to go until basic training. Now here’s a tip when you’re doing diamond push ups you’re working your fast twitch muscle fibers in your triceps. When you’re doing wide grip you’re working your slow twitch muscle fibers in your chest. You’re building up your chest your arms and your triceps all on one where you do each of the three variations of push ups. So if you could do twenty push ups before you even start this exercise you should easily be able to do 80 without stopping after you’ve done a few weeks of this exercise.



  1. The wide grip pushups actually cause a lot of wear-and-tear on your shoulders. The further your elbows are pointed away from your body, the less gains you'll make, and the increased likelyhood you will injure yourself.

  2. Great tips. I’m on an training plan and it requires push ups. I am finding them easier but this routine will help me to increase the number of push ups and decrease the time it takes. Thank you, good video!

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