Tracey shares some quick tips on how to hem your own pants by machine and or by hand.

Music: Trendy Takers by The GoodLuck Assembly



  1. lol All this boohoo about the music choice? I'm listening to the band, "A Pale Horse Called Death" right now. Doom Metal, and I'm going to gratefully hem my pants along to this video on mute. So thank you for taking some time out of your life to teach us how to do this. It's appreciated. Pay no mind to the hecklers!

  2. great explanation, i don't know why anyone is complaining about the music. I would say for future videos just make the time to read each blurb a few seconds more. I found myself pausing a few times. Thanks so much !!

  3. Someone takes the trouble to post a video explaining something useful, and the majority of comments are complaining about the music. Where does this level of self-entitlement come from?

  4. I like the music. I prefer the on-screen text to narration. I have hemmed my pants for years, but I never feel confident that I will make them even. I will try the technique of marking the fold, then measuring down and making a good cut edge to use for the finished measurement. That looks like it will work nicely.

  5. Wooohooo!!! I've made it!!! In 1hr and 10mins, I've finished hemming only one bottom leg. My first near invisible hemming 🙂 My hemming is always 'coarse -work'. I do get impatient just now, fm smaller length to a wide length and it went 'offroad' BUT the near invisibility of the hemming made a very big difference for me 🙂 Thank you, now I'm going to continue the other leg… Down, Under, Top, Down, Under, Top…..

  6. If you're talking about the little metal one she used- that's called a sewing gauge and can be found at nearly any craft store, or even a wal-mart.

    If you're talking about the big one that looks like part of a square then I'd say that's probably a t-square or a construction ruler and can be found at home depo stores such as Menard's or Lowe's

    I hope that answered your question even though I didnt make the video ^^

  7. I totally agree with those who would rather have you speaking during the video. I didn't even watch the jeans part because I didn't learn anything in the dress pants part. I can't watch the video and read the text at the same time. 🙁

  8. OH. Oh I get it- the 'music' is there as kind of an advertisement. Neil Young-style off-key stuff with an earthy message. It was gross when Neil Young did it, it's still gross. That's why after all of the comments about how bad it is, it's still up. It's an ad for a friend who has a band. Ah well. Mute Button.

  9. thanks for the video, I have a five year old who wears bigger pants and the legs are always to long for her and she gets mad when they are "bunchy" at the bottom so I have to learn how to hem them very soon!!!!!!

  10. I like and dislike, for every reason Keith said. I can't ready and watch at the same time. I had to pause it every time a new text popped up, then replay the same part to watch you doing it. And the speed of the video is bothersome as well. Wish I had a slow-motion button to watch it. And just a note: to find this video I put in 'how to sew a hem by hand' and most of what you're doing is with a machine. So maybe tag it differently.

  11. I think what makes the video difficult to follow is that we are forced to read the text instead of listening to an explanation. But then we can't look at what you're doing. Viewers have to choose between the demonstration and the instruction. Also, the scene switches just after enough time has passed to read the text, so there's no hope of reading and then watching. The music doesn't bother me, but as an instructional video, the video completely misses the mark.


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