Do you have a feeling someone is hiding something from you?

Getting someone to tell you something is a delicate balance–you want to approach confidently, but not accusatory. In this video, I’ll teach you about human lie detection and how you can harvest for truth.

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We like to think we are great at spotting lies—but on average we can only detect deception with about 54% accuracy. That’s barely better than chance!

I believe learning how to spot deception is a life skill. I want to teach you how to:

• Improve your lie-spotting abilities to up to 90% accuracy
• Decode hidden emotions
• Increase the honesty of your interactions
• Learn the secrets of body language

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  1. No, f this, yall should play chess with them but give them 3 flying pieces and you have cool blue flying pieces and ask them questions, they gonna tell you the thruth if you have a brain to figure it out

  2. my psychology class taught us that anyone can get nervous when they're accused. It also taught us that things like micro expressions and other body language notions aren't exact indicators. Although that some guilty people do get nervous because they're guilty, nervousness isn't a 100% accurate and fool proof method to detect guilty people. We learn different methods to get answers like re-calling events backwards and such forth. Since brains process information automatically sort of like computers, lying becomes difficult because it's not a natural response but rather a forced response. Our conscious self can manipulate people by lying but deep inside the brain knows somethings off so you need to learn to exploit that weakness by maintaining a calm and fluid dialogue, that's how you'll get the brain to slip and tell you the correct information that really occured. Example: I was cooking a delicious meal and my sister arrived home. I know she likes to pick at the food on the stove so as i left for a second i had a feeling that she had grabbed food because there was a bit missing. I didn't accuse but asked her if she grabbed some food and she denied doing so but i kept the conversation calm to keep her off guard and calmly told her it was really hot right? And her brain automatically said yes! A second later lmao she said darn it! You got me.. and i laughed because as much as she wanted to she could not lie to her own brain…

  3. MY wife is a very smart woman but i showed her that in every thing a man is always a man well i suspected she was hiding a lot from me, she has a mac-book pro she uses and also a Samsung phone i noticed she was cheating on me so i had to hack her phone but i found out that nothing was on her phone so i also hacked into her mac-book. i could not believe all that i saw on her laptop she has all her major text messages on her mac-book, she uses whats-app on her laptop also i found out that she was in a relationship with my friend who i call my brother i had full access to her mac-book and also read all there messages and so many they always hang out at a hotel on Sundays.. all i saw was too much for me to keep to my self. and also a very big thank you to the hacker that made it possible (

  4. for an expert she missed a dooozie at 0.40 … question "did you kill such n such" … now watch for the not so micro expression left corner of her mouth … she smiles real smiles are one-sided almost a smirk …. how our lie detector missed that is unforgivable .
    the nod was interesting , this can happen for a few reasons 1. you leaked the truth you said no but your body betrayed the truth .. or 2. people tell you something and nod to get you to unconsciously nod in agreement .. to do this i would say to a person after building a rapor a few thigs we both new were true and nod getting them to nod back eg .. bla bla bla "thats true innit" and start nodding and keep nodding till they nod back … repeat a few more times during the conversation and once primed to mirror you you slip in the lie and nod if youve done this right they nod back even if they didnt quite get what you said and the conversation moves forward … derren brown the mind trickery guy does this all the time its so obvous it drives me mad.

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