Only 20 % of people in the world are blessed with dimples. However, if you are among the 80 % of those who don’t have them, but want to, there is a solution. Here is a list of easy exercises to get charming dimples and “ten hottest celebrities with dimples” list as a bonus!

Remember none of these techniques will give you a permanent result, but maybe it is for the better. This way you can get your dimples on whenever you want or need them!

Pulling the cheeks in 0:44
Using a pen or pencil 1:52
Using your index finger 2:41
Drawing it with an eyebrow pencil 3:42
Smiling widely 4:25
Pouting all the way 5:26
Press and grin technique 6:07
Using a bronzer 6:35
Top 10 Celebrities with Cute Dimples 7:22

Pulling the cheeks in is one of the best and easiest way to get dimples. Dimples are not just divine marks of loveliness, they are, in fact, crevices on the cheeks. Some muscles deform and stretch in such a way that they make up this crevice. When a person smiles and pulls those muscles, we can see the dimples.
We exercise different muscles at the gym, so why not try and exercise our facial muscles to get the result we want? This method is easy, and here is how it works: you just have to suck your cheeks in for 10 minutes every day.

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  1. I have two indentations in the shape of the crescent Moon CLOSE TO my smile line, like below the highest points of my cheeks. Also my left one is deeper. Are those dimples too? I've always thought they were wrinkles that come only when I smile without showing my teeth or when I purse my lips and I am only 23. :/

  2. This is weird, I’ve had dimples my whole life naturally and none of these tips will work it’s only genetics or plastic surgery/makeup I say just be happy with what u got😊😊


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