Twitter typically notifies you about likes, retweets, or mentions. But sometimes it notifies you about “News for You,” inviting you to read the latest news on Twitter. Here’s how to turn off those news notifications on your iPhone or Android.

First, open the Twitter app on your phone. Tap your profile picture and then tap “Settings and Privacy.”

Launching Twitter's settings in the iPhone app

Tap “Notifications” in the list of settings categories.

Opening Twitter notification options in the mobile app

Tap “Push notifications” under Preferences.

Opening Twitter push notification options on mobile

Disable the “News” slider under “From Twitter.”

You can customize the types of notifications Twitter shows you from here, too. For example, you might also want to disable the “Highlights,” “Moments,” and “Popular in Your Network” sliders, which can surface news stories people are talking about.

Option to disable Twitter News for You push notifications in iPhone app

That’s it—you won’t see any more “News for You” push notifications on your phone.

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