Welcome to this LED-supplies.com video on how to cut, connect and power LED Strip lighting.

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In this video, you will find out:

– The tools needed and the correct way to cut LED strip lighting, maintaining full LED bulb functionality.

– How to connect your LED strip using with the pre fitted connector https://www.led-supplies.com/led-installation-accessories/cables/2-1mm-socket-to-200mm-cable-bare-ended-22awg/

– Soldering onto the LED strip.

– Using a clip-on connector to connect your LED Strip https://www.led-supplies.com/led-installation-accessories/cables/quick-connect-power-cables-for-led-strip-lighting/

– How to get a quality finish and protect your LED strip with aluminium extrusion https://www.led-supplies.com/aluminium-channel-for-led-strip/

– The maximum run of LED strip to power for optimal performance and to avoid damage.

– How to select a power supply for your LED strip. https://www.led-supplies.com/led-drivers/

Thank you for watching. Please visit our website for more details https://www.led-supplies.com/



  1. What would be required for high powered ,or high output, or super bright,I'm not sure if I'm using the right terminology, and what are the differences & costs advantages,or disadvantages, I am an airbrush artist and need bright light ,I'd like to use and retrofit 2 or more 48 inch florescent lights to cut down on shadows ,I'm thinking 1 above me,and 1 on the left of me and 1 on the right of me,the only shadows I want around my working area are the ones I create with my air brush . Thank you for your informative video ,I'm hoping for a response and some direction to what I need and cost associated with both systems.again thank you so much.
    Floyd gross.


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