Find out how to confidence test other men and learn why guys test other guys. Confidence testing is something that all guys should know about, and it’s similar to how girls test guys.



  1. This isint just primitive minded people.. this whole thing is used in a primal situation to show it in its simplistic form.. it's not monkeys pounding chests it's little jabs in conversations to see who you are.. I have been to nerdy socials and jock circles both do the same thing but on different levels and approaches.. if you don't recognize the things he's saying in the video you are anti social. Plain and simple. Girls shit test, guys shit test. It's human nature to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are subconsciously through conversation. What do you use emojis only? Psht beta

  2. I agree with most of this analysis. But I really think it's best to pick your battles.
    As a tall, conventionally masculine male, with a higher than average smv, I get fit-tested by guys, often… Even well into my 40's. And wifey and I don't go out that much.
    Most of the guys that test me, usually have a girl and their considerably shorter than me. They're instantly threatened, and feel the need to establish dominance to save face. I call them "Chicken Hawks".
    If you've ever seen Foghorn Leghorn, you'll know what I mean. And I deal with them like Foghorn, too.
    I usually take my leave, because who wants to throw hands every time they go out😉

  3. Since it's a group, the best you can do is embarass the guy a little bit in front of his peers and just move on. He won't do it again.

    But if you're being confident from the start, they won't throw shit at you. There are easier targets.

  4. guys i need help how do i stop being the "emotional punching bag". i work in an autobody shop and my coworker is always teasing and bothering me and all his little friends second him, im basicaly the "lowest ranking member of the group". so how do i stop this behavior?

  5. I think the core of the story is right, but the picture is a lot bigger. It's also about what type of game you are playing. With the cardgame example, the guy is making a very bad joke purely to pick on you. How you respond it not the real issue. It's how that joke makes you feel (aka, your general confidence) that is important.

    Here is an example of what I mean. When guys have a staredown, and they push each other around, they are putting up a frame. If both put up the frame and one guy wins the staredown, than he wins. If you put up another frame from the start, let's say, the "I'm a responsible male, and this guy is not worth trying to staredown. I'm taking my family out of this situation to safety", that frame is more attractive than winning the staredown.

    My point is, just be yourself, and be confident in doing so. You will attract the right people in your life that way. Don't focus on becoming alpha, that makes you insecure, because if you're not alpha, you're not, and you're not going to be the alpha you envision. When you stop trying, you will feel better, and that boosts your confidence. Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone


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