Why should they have all the fun?

Fun With Your Narcissist Part 2:

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  1. I just love your personality! You can really tell that you are very connected and empathic but at the same time you are empowered and have learned how to stay empowered and make something that might usually be hurtful be humorous instead. I was just thinking about how this particular person always makes digs at me and how I usually freeze or find myself politely trying to defend myself…..it is exhausting. I love how you have learned to handle it in a way that works for you.

  2. I disagree about playing dumb. Dont play dumb to anyone, just leave the relationship. No matter if its a romantic or family situation. Just dont let anyone screw with your mind, you are as much a player as they are. What do you stand to gain from this?

  3. When my ex hoovered after 14 month, I had a blast messing with him. I knew the game by then, so I played along and watched him like a little lab rat.
    It was hilarious. I almost felt guilty, but in light of the destruction he did to me, I deserved the fun.

  4. My Narc is actually very complimentary.. I know now it was all about power. He raped me and because I agreed to try something new it was my fault too. He wouldn't stop.. I have him gone now and blocked out of my life. He ran off when I called him on it. I know he is ashamed. I don't care anymore

  5. Used these tactics and it’s fun but can backfire if you’re not careful. Best to avoid if possible as they are toxic even if you feel immune, they never give up trying to get supply from you. You may win a round with them when you play their games but win the long game and exit quickly. Drop the ball and find a better life.

  6. OMG, you had me laughing….and Yes, Narcs do a TON for you…mine stole my entire life savings and he is going to retire while i start over…how awesomly nice was that? lol…I can definitely use some of these…

  7. my husband was always excruciatingly cheerful with my covert narcissist grandmother. (your oncologist declared you cancer free after five years? that's wonderful. you should be thrilled! – not really, she had to find something new to whine about) she hated him so much, she cut me off.

  8. finally learned the less I have to engage with the narc.No, I also learned if I let the narc go on complaining, I now disengage & say I have chores to finish.Cuz at first you think the narc is trying to engage in dialogue, until you realize you have been hoodwinked.The conversation is all about them. So then I say, maybe talk to your Mom about it .The Mom enables him, I have a life to life.🙏☮️😇✌️

  9. This is the best one! I enjoy this one so much, I can listen to it over and over and over again! I don't know who the narrator is or the originator of these great Target points, but our personalities are so similar…. if you're ever in the eastern part of Ohio- Pittsburgh area giving talks, please announce it because I would love to go to it… God bless you and keep up the great work!!!!!

  10. Understanding that a narcissist is a narcissist and it’s nothing personal, u can live with one and have fun with it….I have fun with my narcissist at first I was gonna break up with him and I still am……but for now I just switch out the bed sheets in all the wrong order and watch him twitch while I secretly laugh…..none of his verbal attacks connect

  11. Omigosh, what a fun video! I actually took notes, smiling! For once I am looking forward to the next time he starts one of his boring monologs, expecting me to sit adoringly at his feet listening for eternity LOL And I can't wait to say "That's really great" in the flattest monotone I can muster without laughing. Thank you for a great video!

  12. This author has got it on… My level is so much more deadly. Already killed her first husband. A direct attempt on my life (worth a million dead) Now I have to be 100 feet from her when we exchange children. I keep a "0" exchange between the narc and me. Yet without ANY evidence at all, "I" am still arrested 3 times! – just for existing, My Narc is a murderer. As her father and her grandmother from Italy. ( found out after it was too late) the entire wealthy family from Italy sent the weird grandmother to "America" in the 1900s.to get rid of the surge in the family. Murderers, all of them generations over generations. 
    NOW, I am completely aware of her DSM 5 Dx Maliglant ASPD.
    My wife with one murder under her belt and her, criminally confirmed ASPD father. Attempted a second murder, "me" – just look at all the money – over a million. A score for them ( three children were to think whatever they told them.) With one mureder under her belt, my former wife turned to my million-dollar ass. Her first murder was driving drunk and stoned on hallucinogens directly into an innocent victim and blaming them. Where her father resorted to throwing Beer cans under the victim's car -in a head-on collision where she was at fault. To indite the victims. I drove to CT and confirmed the crime. Two innocent men charged with the crime of vehicular homicide – ruined their entire live 27 years later. I found two destroyed people, in their 40's without a path or direction because of being falsely accused of a crime. By a sociopth.
    It is real it is undeniable.
    Humans are vonerable to them. Do not underestimate another human without empathy. It is extremely hard to believe of let alone conceive of at first -as a normal person. (But they prey on us like real animals). For example: While you are telling your life story to bond with a person. They are completely and totally unable to bond – in any way, except to gather info on your huminity. Which is directely and forthrightly and covertly used to inslave you! For real…
    Or if you are human enough to escape from the grasp of a Milglingnent Narsistic person with ASPD. Run for your life. For example, Mine hire a photographer to shoot herself posing while all the money was produced by a person sleeping in a car. But they are blinded and honestly quite dumb though. For example, she had no idea that "judgment of default" was a legal obligation on her too" and I can give you dozens more grandiosity ideas of ignorantly perceived "superpowers" that not of this earth they possess. They are rare in society, a relatively small percentage. But they pray on humans like food. Cut off any and all contact. Move if you have too,. Change your number, or your name, if you must. They are predators.

  13. Narcs are typically not aware of their own narcissism, in fact they're actually just deeply insecure people who are oblivious of the impact they have on the people around them. Deliberately playing games to intentionally drive them crazy only serves to reduce you to a level lower than from where they operate. The best way to deal with a narc, especially one with whom you have a familial tie, is to let them know you are setting boundaries with them, then list those boundaries, and finally cut them off each time they disrespect your boundaries.

  14. Yes!!! Haha, I feel my energy returning already. Thank you for this insight! Ive started saying things to throw him off like, "grapefruit fairies live in my closet." He seems very confused and Im really laughing again. He doesn't know how to respond. I think this is working!!!

  15. Great video! We all need to remember that it’s cool to have fun but these people have suffered some trauma in their childhood and yes very fragile. Once you break them down show them good behaviour and help them up…..if they do it again break them down again then help them up. Be the teacher lol

  16. No contact is the ONLY fun WORTH having with any Narc! Like, this is so stupid; move on! Otherwise, staying with one is weakness in itself, and if you are not ready to leave you are certainly not strong enough to "play" with a Narc.

  17. Thank you so very much. I no longer feel like a "crazy" victim and can take back control of my life. Now, I can look at it like a game and have fun with it. I clear out the negative energy, reboot and try again.



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