Aside from the typical recommendations (ex: do some research before you begin) here are a list of 12 recommendations (+ a bonus tip + resources!) for anyone venturing into the world of veganism. Hopefully it offers some inspiration and insights to those who are interested in adopting more of a plant-based lifestyle.

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» PUL article “vitamin D and nutrition – do you need supplements?”:
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  1. You don't need to be eating healthy to be a vegan. Yeah, you'll eat healthier by default, but yeah. They've got vegan chocolate and vegan ice cream. You'll just be eating more fruits and veggies.

  2. I love this. Thank you. I don’t plan on becoming a complete vegan but I do see myself naturally going in that direction and eating more plant based foods. I just feel good eating that way.

  3. I have been a vegetarian all my life and now I am inclined towards becoming a vegan (but I am too scared).

    The reason I am thinking of becoming a vegan is the cruelty that farm animals go through. Milk is for the baby cow and not for us. Also, veganism is healthier. This video makes me feel that it's not that difficult to be a vegan. I am going to take one step at a time now. Thank you 🙂

  4. Ok I need help! I wanna go vegan simply for my health and not for weight loss. I'm 16 and I was very skinny my whole life. I gained weight around 2 years ago and now I think I'm around the right weight. I'm scared I'm gonna get really skinny again if I go vegan. Any advice or expirience?

  5. The meaning of vegan is: veganism, also known as veganism or veganism. Refers to a concept, a way of life, and advocates avoiding all kinds of crushing and abusing of animals as much as possible, including using animals as food, leather, etc.; further, advocating the development and use of non-animal products as an alternative, Create a better environment with sentient beings, including people, with interests.
    Vegans believe that their main motivation is to reduce the suffering of animals. Veganism is to believe that human beings have the morality and obligation to avoid suffering from any other creature. Animals have the same inherent rights as human beings to live as much as possible from pain. Therefore, vegans not only avoid eating meat and dairy products, but also avoid using products that have caused suffering to animals.

    If you agree with vegan's point of view, welcome to join us.

    Scan the QR code below, add me WeChat, invite you to join "vegan paradise"

  6. Thank you so so much for making this. I've struggled with having a bad relationship with food forever because I genuinely just don't like the taste or texture of most meats. I'd only ever eating a bunch of carbs and picking around the meat, so I never felt very good from it. I looked up the pinterest link and for the first time in forever I didn't see a single recipe I didn't like the look of. I'm going to start transitioning, simply because vegetables are my favourite kind of food.

  7. I'm not even a vegan (and I don't want to become one) but I still enjoy your videos so much and I I've been trying out some of your recipes recently! I love your "non-shaming" approach to non-vegans. Keep it up♥️


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